The Center for Humanities at Tufts offers fellowships for scholars and doctoral students in the humanities, humanistic social sciences, and the arts. Fellowships are available for Tufts doctoral candidates and faculty, as well as visiting scholars and postdoctoral researchers.

Dissertation Fellowships

Every year, the Center for the Humanities at Tufts awards two dissertation fellowships to Tufts doctoral candidates. These fellowships are awarded to students in English, History, the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program, or Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies. 

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Center for the Humanities at Tufts offers residential fellowships to postdoctoral scholars in the humanities, humanistic sciences and the arts. Applications open in late fall. 

Faculty Fellowships

The Center for the Humanities at Tufts will offer research fellowships to faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts who are engaged in humanistic scholarship or artistic creation or criticism. Tenured faculty, tenure track faculty, and professors of the practice are eligible to apply.