headshot of Kendra field, wearing a red and brown scarf

Congratulations to Dr. Kendra Field, winner of the 2023 Whiting Foundation grant for non-fiction. Kendra has received a grant for her upcoming work, The Stories We Tell. 

The Stories We Tell traces the history of African American genealogy and family storytelling from the Middle Passage to the present. It is about the painstaking efforts of generations of African Americans to access and share their familial pasts; how these efforts were shaped by the history of slavery, emancipation, segregation, and civil rights struggle; and how these efforts, in turn, shaped American history. It investigates and celebrates where millions of African descent went—aesthetically, creatively, and when others were not listening—to make meaning of their familial past.

You can read more about Kendra's upcoming work and about other Whiting prize winners on their website: