museum room with collage of paintings on back wall

The Office of the Vice Provost of Research has announced the winners of the 2024 MUSE Grants. 

The goal of MUSE is to provide support for arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences projects that have limited options for extramural funding.

In this initial round, seven proposals totaling $50,000 were funded to propel the field forward, elevate the visibility of scholarly and artistic endeavors at Tufts, and/or further Tufts' commitment to social justice and racial equity.

Here are the projects and winners for this year's MUSE Grants: 

ReSentencing Volume Two: an arts journal on the impact of incarceration
Team Lead: Hilary Binda (TUPIT, Tisch College)
Team Members: John Lurz (A&S), Chantal Zakari (SMFA), Abigail Child (SMFA), Kevin Dunn (A&S), Michael Smoot (SMFA), Simon Han (A&S), Ravi Shankar (A&S), Erin Kelly (A&S), Daniel Santamaria (DCA, Tisch Library), students and external collaborators

The Stories We Tell: A History of African American Genealogy
Team Lead: Kendra Field (History, A&S)

A Life at the Crossroads: A Biography of Alioune Diop
Team Lead: Elizabeth Foster (History, A&S)

Modeling American Migration Aspirations – Third Wave (10-Year Follow-Up)
Team Lead: Helen Marrow (Sociology, A&S)

Terra Plena: Indigenous Sovereignty, Land Art and Conservation
Team Lead: Lilian Mengesha (Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, A&S)
Team Members: Elisa Peebles (A&S) and Dina Deitch (Art Gallery)

Archiving Political Resistance - Woman Life Freedom (WLF) Online Museum
Team Lead: Neda Moridpour (3D, Sculpture, and Performance Area, SMFA)

Teaching Sinai: An Interdisciplinary Workshop
Team Lead: Alice Sullivan (History of Art and Architecture, A&S)

More information available at the OVPR Site.