book cover and photo of Noe Montez

Congratulations to Noe Montez (Tufts Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, and a former CHAT Fellow) on the publication of his new book: The Routledge Companion to Latine Theater and Performance, available starting 2/28 from Routledge Press. 

About the book: 

The Routledge Companion to Latine Theatre and Performance traces how manifestations of Latine self-determination in contemporary US theatre and performance practices affirm the value of Latine life in a theatrical culture that has a legacy of misrepresentation and erasure.

This collection draws on fifty interdisciplinary contributions written by some of the leading Latine theatre and performance scholars and practitioners in the United States to highlight evolving and recurring strategies of world making, activism, and resistance taken by Latine culture makers to gain political agency on and off the stage. The project reveals the continued growth of Latine theatre and performance through chapters covering but not limited to playwriting, casting practices, representation, training, wrestling with anti-Blackness and anti-Indigeneity, theatre for young audiences, community empowerment, and the market forces that govern the US theatre industry. This book enters conversations in performance studies, ethnic studies, American studies, and Latina/e/o/x studies by taking up performance scholar Diana Taylor’s call to consider the ways that “embodied and performed acts generate, record, and transmit knowledge.”

Congratulations Noe!