Kwasi Ampene and Erica Jones talking to an audience with furniture and photo in background

Dr. Kwasi Ampene, Chair of the Music Department at Tufts, will be traveling to California in January to recover a seven-piece artefact taken from the then Palace of the Kingdom during the Sir Garnet Wolseley War also known as the Sagrenti War.

Dr. Erica Jones of the Fowler Museum at the University of California in Los Angeles contacted Ampene in May of last year about the intention to return them to their original home. This was followed by his visit to America to further the conversation. He later returned to Ghana to inform the Palace about the development. The items--which are currently in the Fowler Museum--were donated by Wellcome Trust in 1964. 

The Fowler Museum and Dr. Ampene plan to have the artefacts reinstalled in Ghana by February of 2024, on the anniversary of the Sagrenti War. 

This story was originally reported in July of 2023.