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Mia Levenson

Dissertation Fellow
Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

Mia Levenson is a PhD candidate and dramaturge whose research explores the intersections of biomedical science, race, and theatre. Her research interests include the history of science and medicine, representations of epidemics and disease, as well as performances and presentations of scientific racism in theatre and in popular culture. Her dissertation explores the proliferation of eugenic science in early 20th century American popular performances. Mia’s research has been supported by the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine. She currently serves as the 2021-2023 Graduate Representative for the American Theatre and Drama Society. She has presented at the Comparative Drama Conference, the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, and the American Society for Theatre Research. You can find her work in Theatre Journal and Journal of American Drama and Theatre as well as the edited collections, Monsters in Performance: Essays on the Aesthetics of Disqualification (eds. Michael Chemers and Analola Santana, Routledge, 2022) and Identity, Culture, and the Science Performance, Volume 1: From the Lab to the Streets (eds. Vivian Appler and Meredith Conti, Bloomsbury, 2022). She holds a BA in Theatre and a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park as well as an MA in Theatre and Performance Studies from Tufts University.